Types of Wall Rendering

Colour Rendering Company Portsmouth

Types of wall rendering

Colour Render specialise in Through Colour Rendering. Through coloured renders are pre-mixed bags of render, which are pre-coloured during manufacture. Typically these are either K-Rend or Webber Monocouche. Pre-mixed renders can be spray applied saving considerable cost on labour and scaffolding hire.

These through colour renders are particularly appealing, as they do not require painting. Additionally, they offer long term protection on a broad range of surfaces. With the use of through coloured render an attractive, durable and uniform surface can be achieved with ease.

What are the benefits of spray on renders?

  • Single coat applications
  • Even coverage on spray renders
  • Durable and low maintenance finishes
  • Insulates and protects the building
  • Quick To Apply
  • Minimal disruption to your life
Colour Rendering Company Portsmouth